Narrative Biography

Gabriele Evertz was born in Berlin, Germany in 1945, and lives and works in Brooklyn. She holds an MFA in Painting and a BA in Art History, both from Hunter College.

Since 1990, Evertz has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions internationally and throughout the United States. Her work is included in many public collections and has been reviewed in numerous prominent publications.

In addition to her painting practice, Evertz has curated and co-curated critically acclaimed artist retrospectives and surveys of abstract painting. She is the author of catalogue essays on the experience of color in abstract painting.

Artist Statement

I am interested in sensations and perceptions. The history and theory of color serve as organizational tools. My work has as its goal a certain kind of rapture.

The two-dimensional element in my work is a sequential, chromatic vertical,precisely painted over the height of the canvas in one-inch width. Uninterrupted, it forms a grid that is sometimes cut by achromatic diagonals. The color juxtapositions cause vibrant energies. They are the action of light in a color painting that are not photographable yet with an attentive attitude they can be experienced by us as pure visual excitement.

-Gabriele Evertz